Corporate America is gradually reopening workspaces. That’s great news. Studies have found that 72% of companies intend to have employees return to office over the back half of 2021. This might be possible, as almost 50% of Americans are already vaccinated. Despite this, offices are likely to look, function and feel quite different than before the coronavirus outbreak. After all, companies still need to maintain the highest safety protocols.

The workplace health plan must include increased outdoor circulation and air filtration to make it ready for occupancy, according to an article by the CDC (Centers For Disease Control and Prevention). Further, a gradual transition can help maintain social distancing, while easing anxiety. Readiness and resilience are key focus areas. Besides local and state government rules, here are some measures companies can consider for a safe return of their employees. 

#Step 1 – Custom Commercial Cleaning

Get in touch with a trusted commercial cleaning company. Ensure they use appropriate EPA approved disinfectants and prioritize cleaning frequently-touched surfaces for the utmost safety, say experts at NCS services. Further, let them develop a plan for you for maintaining routine cleaning or at least once a week, after your teams return to office.

#Step 2 – Clear Plexiglass Panels

This is a good way to curb the spread of infection in offices with a high density of employees. Consider placing these acrylic barriers on employee cubicles, in conference rooms, and in the reception areas. You can look for permanent or temporary ones according to your budget. However, make sure they are around an inch thick to act as sneeze guards.

#Step 3 – Hygiene Measures

Maintaining hygienic and office sanitation is essential for protecting people from covid-19, according to an article by the WHO. Consider keeping disposable napkins, sanitizers and liquid soap in the washrooms. You could also place sanitizers near elevators and doors, so that people can sanitize their hands after touching door handles or elevator buttons.

#Step 4 – Ensure Good Ventilation

Before welcoming your employees, ensure climate control within the office. This goes a long way in preventing the spread of the virus. When we talk or cough, droplets from our mouth can settle on dust particles in the air. Without proper air circulation, these tiny particles can remain in the air for hours, becoming a source of threat.

#Step 5 – Prepare Your Team

Employees must understand the safety plans and what is expected from them. Managers may communicate via video calls or emails. Let your team know that the protocols may be inconvenient but are necessary for the safety of everyone working from the office. While encouraging them to follow protocols, ask for their suggestions to make the policies less disruptive to work. Getting workers on board can make the safety plan successful.

Most importantly, when choosing customized office cleaning, ensure that there is attention to detail. Floors, carpets, ceilings, windows, tabletops, light switches and door knobs and handles must be sanitized regularly.

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