Clean Room Maintenance

Cleanrooms and controlled environments are required for a wide variety of sensitive products, and have a wide variety of specific cleaning requirements in order to comply with industry regulations. As such, clean room maintenance requires very specific expertise in establishing and following cleaning procedures and protocols. The NCS Services is a NJ Clean Room Maintenance team with the know-how to ensure the integrity of your cleanroom. Whether your clean room is ISO-Class 9, ISO-Class 3, sterile, or non-sterile, our maintenance team will maintain it per your specifications.

Cleanrooms are highly controlled environments necessary for a wide variety of manufacturing processes, from high-tech systems to pharmaceuticals. There are many different classes of clean rooms, including Class 100, Class 1000, and Class 10,000. The cleaning room class refers to the number of particles allowed in each cubic foot of air. For reference a typical square foot of office building air contains 500,000 to 1,000,000 particles! A particle that is 200 times smaller than a human hair can be a catastrophe in a cleanroom, leading to costly downtime. Don’t let your processes suffer – contact NCS Services to learn how we can help.

Maintaining Clean Room Environments

Maintaining the environment in your clean room is critical to ensure your product yield and processes remain consistent. Whether it’s a large scale fabrication facility or a soft-wall enclosure, the NCS Services has the expertise to maintain it. We will collaborate with you to develop cleaning processes and establish protocols for each area of your cleanroom.

We will select equipment and cleaning products that are compatible with your needs, including disinfection and sanitization protocols.  In addition to regular routine cleaning services and periodic cleaning services, we can provide periodic deep-cleaning services and post-construction cleanup.

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