ESD Lab Cleaning Services in New Jersey

Our highly skilled service crews are trained in anti-static cleaning procedures and will take care to eliminate any risk of damage to your electrical equipment.

  • We adhere to industry standards as well as those set forth by your company’s operating procedures.
  • Floors will be treated with anti-static solutions and special ESD chemicals to neutralize electrical and magnetic charges.
  • Equipment is handled with the utmost care following our strict guidelines and procedures.
  • We utilize appropriate apparel and lab-approved cleaning solutions that are strong enough to remove contaminants while maintaining a safe, healthy working environment.
  • We offer sub-floor cleaning, raised floor surface cleaning, ceiling plenum cleaning, post-construction cleaning, interior and exterior server cabinet cleaning, and ESD conductive floor cleaning.

Customized Electrostatic Discharge Lab Maintenance

NCS Services will assess your site, needs, and budget in order to create a specialized cleaning plan for your ESD lab.  In addition, we handle janitorial services for regular office needs such as:

  • Floor maintenance
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Glass, mirrors, display cases, and interior and exterior window cleaning
  • Sanitizing offices, restrooms, elevators, waiting areas, lobbies, and break rooms including kitchens, refrigerators, and microwaves

Cleaning all surfaces including desks, tables, phones, cabinetry, shelves, computers, door handles, and switches

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