Food Processing Plant Services

Most plants are sanitized using a ‘Clean-In-Place’ (CIP) systems, where foaming and spraying is done directly on all equipment and food processing lines.

“Clean-Out-of-Place’ (COP) – can also be done using high pressure and manual systems.

No matter which system your food processing plants uses we can create a cleaning program that guarantees and effective and efficient way of sanitizing the plant.

  • Dry Clean-Up
  • Pre-Rinse
  • Chemical Cleaning
  • Scrub
  • Rinse
  • Inspect and Re-Clean
  • Sanitize or Disinfect,
  • Rinse and Sanitize (if necessary)

Benefits of Food Processing Plants Cleaning Services

A cleaning and sanitation program is essential to prevent contamination, control allergens and meet regulatory requirements in a food processing plant.

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