School Janitorial & Cleaning Services in NJ

Whenever children are close together indoors, they are more vulnerable to germs and illness – especially when there are a large number of kids all in one place such as a school or daycare center.  Not only are their immune systems less developed than adults’, additionally they are also less likely to observe simple personal hygiene procedures such as hand washing. Because children are more susceptible to illnesses, it is absolutely critical that schools, daycares, and academic facilities are cleaned regularly and thoroughly.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional School Cleaning Company

In addition to preventing the spread of germs, a clean school teaches children to take pride in their environment, provides a distraction-free opportunity for learning, and improves overall health. NCS Services provides a wide variety of cleaning options to keep schools, daycares, and academic facilities clean.

With school budgets constantly shrinking, outsourcing your cleaning services is a great way to save money without sacrificing quality, safety, and health.  By hiring an external cleaning company, you can avoid issues often caused by maintaining in-school custodial services such as high turnover, personnel costs, and high overhead. We can provide a fully customized plan for your school including cleaning services during off hours, or a team to stay on-site during the school day.


School Porter and Daytime Custodial Services

Our highly trained and reliable day porters provide customized services to keep your facilities looking their best, including cleaning of restrooms, cafeterias, locker rooms, hallways, conference rooms, lobbies, and windows as well as garbage removal, dusting, and more.

Top NJ School Janitors

At NCS Services, we pride ourselves on noticing details others may miss. Not only do we clean all floors, tables, and desks, but we also take care to clean ceilings, walls, counters, upholstery, chairs, blinds, fixtures, fans, vents, cabinetry, doorknobs, window treatments, light switches, and shelves. We pay special attention to high-traffic areas and disinfect all spots that are frequently touched and also offer specialized cleaning for carpets, windows, and floor stripping and waxing.

We offer a wide variety of fully customizable services including routine daily cleaning, cafeteria and kitchen cleaning, summer deep cleaning, restroom and locker cleaning, and many options for floor maintenance. We also have a selection of green, non-toxic cleaning agents that are good for the environment and for your students.

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